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Do you want to start playing? 
You need an Handpan ...

our tips:

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Which type of Handpan to choose based on the Budget? 

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What should I know before buying a Handpan?

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Which Material ... Stainless or Nitrided?


Which Scale to Choose?


What are the Scales for Handpan and where to listen to them?


What if I want to buy a Used Handpan? 

HANDPAN Recommended


DB Handpan

DB Handpan  they are tools built by an Italian craftsman

started building Handpans in 2002  

..but in the end after several years he managed to complete the first instrument in 2010 .... yes in 2010 .. after 8 years of experimentation he managed to build the first professional instrument with octave and fifth harmonics perfectly tuned in every note, and obviously with the awareness of being able to deliver an instrument of mine that is 100% reliable and stable in terms of tuning.
These Handpans are built with a metal that is industrially called DC04, heat treated with a process called "gas nitriding".

The prices for the DB Handpan (9 notes) start from 1100 € ; among the many tools on the market that we have had the opportunity to try, DB Handpan has amazed us and we would like to recommend it as it has a professional quality at a great price .



Blesspan are Handpans built by an Italian craftsman who has been building Handpans since 2014; in recent years, thanks to the quality of his instruments and his professionalism, he has earned the fame of one of the most famous makers in Italy and also in the world.
The Blesspans are Handpans built in Stainless Steel, each part of the instrument is well designed to vibrate with balance, stability and deep resonance, the lower part called Gu is tuned with the harmonica of the Ding (middle note above) with the opportunity to also play vertically.

Blesspan has specialized in the construction of Custom instruments with characteristics and scales on request and Mutant even up to 20 notes.
Prices for Blesspans (9 notes) start from 1400 € ; we would like to recommend them to those who want to start with a stainless steel instrument with top-of-the-range sound and construction qualities.


SEW Handpan

SEW Handpan they are Handpans built by an Italian company from Salento; they create handpans of different types and metals, including cuThere is also a special handpan with a wooden lower shell called WoodPan.

Their series of handpans that impressed us the most is the OPERA, i.e. stainless steel instruments with a full-bodied and sustained sound that recalls that of an entire orchestra. 

It has a warmer sound and a longer sustain than a normal nitrided iron handpan and is suitable for those who want to start playing it, thanks to its ease of playing and better activation

Prices for a SEW Handpan series Opera (9 notes) starts from €1700; we would like to recommend them to those who want to start with onevery precise, stable stainless steel instrument with excellent sound and construction qualities.

We are not sellers of instruments, but if you are interested in purchasing a Handpan of the brands mentioned above you can contact us and we will guide you in ordering from the maker and in choosing the scale and instrument best suited to you... Furthermore, these producers always reserve us DISCOUNTED PRICES for our students which only through us you can have access to.

Image by Jess Bailey

You will find various Videos and Articles about the Handpan worls... Tips, scales, tuning, cleaning and maintenance, free lessons and much more!

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