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Handpan Masterclass

with Daniele Rebaudo

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Step-by-step lessons for both advanced and beginner players

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Learn in a fast and fun way, improving your coordination and independence level


Masterclass for hand coordination and independence on the Handpan


This Video-Course will help you develop Coordination and Independence of your hands, allowing you to play more freely and better express your musical ideas.

The numerous POLYRITHMY exercises will lead you to a completely new approach to the handpan.

The goal of this MasterClass is to be able to control your hands and perceive them as two distinct "performers", enabling you to execute rhythmic interlocks in a fluid and independent way.

 You will find the lessons organized by increasing and gradual level of difficulty, starting from simple exercises up to the most advanced polyrhythms.

 Even if you are a professional musician and have been playing the handpan for a long time, "Coordipendenza" will give you new insights to integrate into your playing!

Why did I create COORDIPENDENZA?

Since I started playing the Handpan, I immediately realized the importance of being able to move and control the hands smoothly and safely.

I created this Masterclass to share my techniques and concepts of independence and coordination with you.

This way you can play with a completely new approach and express your musical ideas more freely.

Daniele Rebaudo

I have been In love with music all my life, I started playing the piano and drums when I was 11 years old, graduating from the Conservatory in 2011 in piano, and in 2016 in Percussions.

The attraction for rhythm and percussion has always been predominant, until I bought my first Handpan: the instrument that perfectly connected Melody and Rhythm, previously studied "separately" on piano, drums and classical percussion.I therefore decided to combine these aspects towards this wonderful musical instrument, thus bringing back and re-adapting, in its approach, all the techniques and strategies learned up to this moment during my journey within the Conservatories of Music.

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Music is a language:
Through a musical instrument we have the opportunity to tell our story, share our moods and reveal parts of us that are very deep, sometimes impossible to be expressed verbally.

Through musical expression and sharing we can grow, mature and evolve: we can bring the most intimate part of us closer, get in touch with the invisible Indivisible, our Soul.

Image by Casey Horner


with Daniele Rebaudo


+60 Practical lessons ready immediately

Printable Handout

Future course updates included

Lifetime access to the course

Access to the Facebook Community reserved for students to receive help, support, supplementary lessons and sharing.

The course is available in Italian or English, please select the language


Domande Frequenti (FAQ)

  • At which level can I start?
    We have developed a sequence of courses divided into 4 progressive levels, which offer a logical and coherent approach to the various topics covered. We recommend following the presentation order to acquire solid foundations and then gradually adding new concepts and in-depth analyses. However, if you are already an experienced musician who has been playing the handpan for some time and already has a good knowledge of the fundamental aspects, you can choose the most appropriate starting level and, if necessary, go back to fill any gaps. In addition, we also offer multilevel MasterClasses in collaboration with the best Italian Handpan Players, suitable for all levels of experience, with progressively more advanced lessons. However, we recommend attending them only after completing at least a first-level course and, preferably, also a second-level course, to ensure adequate mastery of the basic techniques and to be able to derive the maximum benefit from the lessons. If you are an absolute beginner, we recommend starting with the first level, where you will acquire the fundamental knowledge to correctly play the handpan, understand its notes and scales, read music in a simple way and create basic rhythms. This level is also recommended for those who play the handpan self-taught or intuitively, as creating solid musical foundations is essential for progress. The second level is suitable for those who have already completed the first level or have a solid musical background on other instruments. The third and fourth levels are intended to take your playing from an intermediate to an advanced level, and we recommend approaching them only after properly following and practicing the first two levels. Rimaniamo a disposizione, contattaci per aver un consiglio diretto.
  • Starting from scratch? What do I need?
    No initial knowledge is required, not even in reading musical notes, and there are no age limits. Consider that the average age of our course participants is 47 years... To start, all you need is a Handpan to practice on, or alternatively, for an initial approach, a Steel Tongue Drum can also work well. You can follow the guided educational path at your own pace, from your own home, without pressure: the course is yours forever, the goal is to have fun without stress.
  • Can I follow the video courses with any type of instrument? Are they suitable for all scales of handpan and/or steel tongue drum?
    Certainly! Our video courses are designed to be adaptable to a wide range of handpans and/or steel tongue drums, regardless of the scale. Our methodology is flexible and aims to provide comprehensive learning, irrespective of the type of instrument you own. Whether you play a handpan with a specific scale or a steel tongue drum with a different harmony, our courses are designed to enrich your musical experience and develop your skills regardless of the specific characteristics of your instrument. However, we recommend using a handpan with a Kurd scale. This recommendation is based on the harmonic richness and versatility of this scale, even on instruments with only 9 notes. Nevertheless, we understand that every musician has their own preferences and skills, so if your instrument has a different scale, don't worry; the process of adapting and maximizing the potential of your instrument is also part of musical growth.
  • How do I access the lessons I have purchased?
    At the time of purchase, you will be asked for an email to connect to your "student account", you will also be asked to create your own personal password which you will then use to access the lessons. Once you have purchased to access your courses, follow these steps: At the top of the menu bar on this page you will find the "Student Login" button . Click it and you will enter the login page. Enter your email and the password you created at the time of purchase. Or log in with a google account (provided the email is the same as the one used when you made the purchase). If you no longer remember your password, you can always recover it from here by clicking on Forgot Password and following the procedure. Log in and enjoy your lessons, which will always be available to you.
  • Since when is the video course available after making the purchase?
    As soon as you purchase, you will immediately receive the link to access all the lessons of the video course by email.
  • How long can I access the lessons I have purchased?
    Each of our video courses, once purchased, does not expire, so you can watch and rewatch the lessons forever as many times as you want.
  • Will the video courses be updated in the future?
    Yes, we are constantly working to update and expand our courses with new lessons, supplementary videos and future restyling. Those who buy now will be able to have every future update for free, simply one day you will open the course you have purchased and find more new lessons and things. While those who buy in the future will buy at a higher price.
  • How can I pay for the video course?
    Accepted payments are: • Credit card or debit card. • Prepaid card, PostePay. • PayPal. • Bank Transfer (only for Italian user).
  • Why is Paypal payment in dollars?
    Payment for credit, debit and prepaid cards is in Euros (€) and the price does not undergo any variation from the indicated sale price. Whatever if you want to pay via Paypal, the price is recalculated in Dollars ($) because the platform that hosts the course is American and for the connection with Paypal it only uses dollars. From your point of view, almost nothing changes, you always pay around the same amount with a difference of a few euros due to the change that is calculated automatically.
  • Can i pay by wire transfer?
    Yes, to pay by bank transfer send an email to The bank transfer is avaliable only for Italian users. We would like to point out that this method does not provide instant access to the course(s) purchased , as it may take several days for the transaction to be visible in our current account and only when we receive them can we personally enable you to access the course; so if you want to start learning immediately without waiting, we recommend using the other instant payment methods online, such as credit cards, debit cards, postepay or paypal.
  • Can I gift a course to someone?
    Of course! During the purchase, enter this person's Email, and create a password for him (which you will then communicate to him). He/she will receive the email with the access link to the course/s purchased, you will only have to send him the password you created at the time of purchase and he/she will be able to enjoy the gifted course.
  • What do I need to see the video lessons?
    To access the purchased video lessons you need: 1) An internet connection. If the internet doesn't work, you can't see the lessons. Just like any video on YouTube. However, in the smartphone app, it is also possible to download the lessons to be able to watch them later even offline. 2) A computer, a tablet, a smartphone or any other device connected to the internet and able to navigate... Even Smart TV. 3) An account on the site, with your email address and a password. The account is created when you purchase the course.
  • Can I see the video lessons on my smartphone? Is there an App?
    The video lessons can be viewed from any device: computers, smartphones, tablets and even smart TVs.The videos adapt to the size of the screen, so they are displayed in a convenient way. If you want to follow the course from your iPhone or iPad smartphone more quickly and comfortably, without having to access the site from your browser each time, the dedicated App is also available: HOW TO USE THE APP? Search for the Teachable app in the App Store or click HERE . Download it to your device. Open the app. Log in with your "Student Account" data (email address and password used at the time of purchase). Now you will find your purchased courses and watch it directly from the app. Good study and have fun App sample: Screenshot 1 - Screenshot 2
  • How to contact support?
    If you have problems accessing the course, you can write to us at the following mail and we will try to help you solve them as soon as possible :
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